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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Licensing Commission Makes Ruling Following Incident Outside of On the Hill Tavern

The Licensing Commission has ordered On the Hill Tavern to rollback closing time by one hour for three consecutive Friday and Saturdays, as well as, have a police detail for both of those days following an altercation outside of the Magoun Square establishment between police and three intoxicated men.

In the early morning hours of June 3, three men were arrested down the street from On the Hill Tavern after they became aggressive and belligerent towards police officers. Regardless of the distance away from the bar, the owners of the Tavern were brought in for review before the Commission last night and issued a violation.

Despite police already being present at the scene, the two owners were informed that their employees have an obligation to call the police, so a record is made that they attempted to disperse loiterers before closing for the evening.

Owners of On the Hill Tavern have been making significant changes in the bar, recently, including raising prices and increasing their menu options. Much like many other Magoun Square establishments, they have been impacted by the economic depression in the square caused by low renting storefronts and significant parking changes implemented by the City two years ago.

They are scheduled to have another review in August.

Editor's note: To keep the unbiased, fair and balanced theme of the website, I do have an obligation to publish both the positive and negative of the Ward. I, confidently, post this because it shows how the poor judgement of three people can negatively impact a business, their employees and my square. I encourage all of you to continue to patronize On the Hill Tavern, as well as, all the businesses in Magoun. ~Courtney O'Keefe


Anonymous said...

Courtney, your website provides such a great service, and I'm always happy to see you stay above the partisan/biased fray. I wish all Wards had a blogger like you!

Actually, you should consider expanding/franchising!

Ward Five said...


You're a doll! Thank you!