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Monday, July 23, 2012

Ride the Green Line...

A cool feature on the Green Line Extension website places you right at a proposed station of your choosing on a map.

Pro: You can prepare for when the Green Line comes!

Con: It features the name, Lowell Street Station, rather than the much preferred Magoun Square Station.


paul said...

When I suggested Magoun Square Station at a station design meeting, I was told that might run afoul of some MBTA principles regarding distances. EG Magoun Square is too far from the future station for that station to carry that name. In a meeting with some informed person afterwards he said alternatives ideas were Somerville Junction (a nod to history) and a hyphenated name that included Magoun.

Ward Five said...

Thanks, Paul,

I also attended a meeting held at Somerville High School and a matrix (provided at the meeting) indicated that a renaming was also indicated that the Lowell Street Station name is not set in stone.

Either name makes sense as Lowell Street would be the location, but Magoun Square would also align with the other square names nearby (Gilman and Ball).

To be honest, I just want the station built ;)