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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Second Magoun Square Clean-Up A Sweeping Success!

May Clean-Up of Magoun Square
 On July 19th, 11 neighbors swarmed Magoun Square for a second clean-up that included a refresh of mulching and sweeping of the sidewalks on both sides of the square from CVS to Henry Hanson Park. Once at the park, an intense weeding and resweeps of the gravel culminated the clean-up effort.

Thinking that the May clean-up would be the best, I was certainly proved wrong when 11 people showed to tidy up Magoun and enjoy appetizers at Olde Magoun’s Saloon. May brought 14 people out and many have already agreed to assist in the August 23rd effort that will end the clean-up season.

Two participants of the May cleaning used the same color mulch for trees around their home, prompting neighbors to do the same. The visual looking down Medford Street is beautiful and neat with uniform mulch and immaculate sidewalks. This was also carried in the other direction past CVS to the tree in front of On the Hill Tavern. Including the newly planted trees in the Broadway median, the entrance into Magoun would impress even the ficklest green thumb.

While enjoying a beverage, I had an opportunity to chat with organizer, Amy Timmins, who spoke about an NPR program that discussed community efforts such as clean-ups and how having a clean, organized environment changes one’s perspective on themselves and their quality of life. I couldn’t agree with her more! Walking through Magoun, I can see the benefits of having a caring community that, collectively, wants a nicer business district to patronize.

Emails to both Ward 5 Alderman Sean O'Donovan and Mayor Joe Curtatone were sent, informing them of the success of these efforts.

Big thanks to all the amazing residents who came out in May and July to clean, Amy for organizing, and Greg Coughlin for feeding!

Interested in cleaning in August? Be on the lookout for posts with a sign-up sheet to add your name to the effort!

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