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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Word Around the Ward

Ever walk around the ward and notice people’s gardens? I spied a cool container setup on Glenwood and was given a great tour of another garden space on Saturday! Of course, we also have the Ward 5 chickens too that seem to be doing great. Do you have a green oasis that you want to show off? Email me pictures and what species you’re growing.

Magoun Square is looking good these days, but I wish truck drivers would be careful of the hanging plants from the light poles. I reported the second one, in a month, that was on the sidewalk after being knocked down. Big thanks to the DPW for their quick response in picking it up and keeping them well watered.

Yes, I saw a needle on Lowell Street Monday night and called the SPD to come pick it up. Thanks to the responding officer and dispatcher for their help!

A summer clean-up of Magoun Square will be held on tonight from 5:30-7:30pm and will cover the area between CVS and Partridge Avenue (including Henry Hanson Park). The last clean-up effort was very successful with 13 participants and 27 bags of mulch. Can't make it? We have one more planned in August! Sign up if you're around!

Somerville Local First will host a SummerVille Cool-down at Olde Magoun's Saloon on July 26th from 5:30 to 7:30 and will feature a couple of local breweries, as well as, a diverse food spread courtesy of Chef Howie Haywood! This will be everyone's opportunity to meet the new Executive Director, Kat Rutkin. Get your tickets!

ArtBeat is this weekend! Are you going? I'll be there...I do travel outside of Ward 5 every now again ;)
Please send along pictures and stories of your experience. I'll be tweeting on the @Ward5Online handle while I'm there.


Anonymous said...

Now only if the DPW, specifically Parks and Playgrounds Division, would pay the same attention to Albion Playground.

That playground was recently renovated, at a great expense, and is a "jewel" among playgrounds in the city....complete with a spray shower area, basketball court, and play equipment second to none.

However, the downside, many plants and flowers were put there, again at great expense. The area is ringed with these plantings.

But plantings require ongoing attention, watering, trimming, weeding, etc.

At this time attention to keeping these plantings "healthy" has gone down the tubes.

Weeds, and undesirable growth, has
infiltrated and won't be long, unless attended to, these plantings will have no chance of surviving.

Anonymous said...

I just called 311 and reported the above situation at Albion Park.

As usual, 311 people are very nice in listening and acting on reported citizen's concerns.

I was advised a "Work Order" was generated to get the job done.

Time will tell how soon...hopefully in time to benefit the original plantings.

It's beyond me how so much "big money" can be spent on a project in Somerville; and then ignored in regard to maintaining it.

Bad enough the "punks" male and female, are in there after the 10:00 PM curfew that applies to all parks and playgrounds, doing their "best" to damage the facilities; including skate-boarders chipping away at the concrete bleachers facing the basketball court; as they did, until stopped, the steps in front of the high school and gym not too long ago.

Anonymous said...

R had fun showing you the garden on Saturday.


Ward Five said...


I had fun seeing it! What a great space you two have made...very cool! Send pictures of some of your favorites for posting!