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Monday, August 27, 2012

Boy Scouts Returning Medals in Wake of Policy Barring Gays: Somerville Mentioned

A Boston.Com article on Eagle Scouts writing letters and returning their awards in protest of the organizations stance on gay members mentioned that Somerville was one of the locations represented!

I quickly scrolled through the Tumblr blog publishing letters written by now former Eagle Scouts, but couldn't see anyone from Somerville posted there.

The official membership policy reads: “While the B.S.A. does not proactively inquire about the sexual orientation of employees, volunteers, or members, we do not grant membership to individuals who are open or avowed homosexuals or who engage in behavior that would become a distraction to the mission of the B.S.A.

Were you one of the Eagle Scouts who returned your medals? Please feel free to submit your letter for publishing on Ward 5 Online, or comment it below.

Editor's Note: I stand in full alliance and support of anyone who has returned their awards in response to B.S.A's policy on gays. I commend you for your commitment towards equality and your bravery for standing up for what you believe.~Courtney O'Keefe


Anonymous said...

you rock, courtney!!


Anonymous said...


Didn't these "medal returners" know, at the time they joined, BSA's policy on not allowing gays; or, at minimum, their parents knew???

Anonymous said...

There was a request to have the B.S.A change their stance. They refused and some returned their medals in response.