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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Like Dirt on my Veggies!

One of the most read posts on my website announced the arrival of the Winter Farmer’s Market at the Armory a couple of years ago. This post garnered big page views that rivaled my “Who is running for what” that I post around election time.

I have been to farmer’s markets before and have always been thisclose to a garden my whole life, but I must admit that my love for them has grown since the opportunity to purchase farm-fresh produce has become increasingly easy for me as a Somerville resident. I find nothing better than strolling around a farmer’s market where a vendor cuts a fresh piece of carrot for me to chomp on. Yum!

Not to ignore other choices at farmer’s markets, I also purchase meats, cheeses and fish when available too. Jordan Brothers was one of my favorite fish vendors to buy dinner from and I have enjoyed Gloucester scallops on many occasions because of them. Nothing can beat the yellow yolk of farm egg, either, which gives my morning coffee a delicious partner in crime.

This whole farm share phenomenon is pretty interesting to me too. At the beginning of the season, a group of people pay up front for a weekly share of vegetables, produce, fruits, and herbs. The first week in August, Wenzday Jane invited me down to grab some CSA leftovers from Red Fire Farm. Picking up farm share orders is the bread and butter for Wenzday’s company, Metro Pedal Power, based out of Union Square. She loaded up my backpack full of tomatoes (…of numerous sizes), cucumbers, eggplant, melon, onions, and garlic. When emptying my backpack, I had to flip it inside out to get all the dirt out from the bottom of it that had come off of my items. I take that back, the garlic, actually, still has some dirt on the roots of it.

At my home garden, I have tomatoes, basil and chives. Over the summer, I survive on caprese salad alone and wish that fresh mozzarella grew on trees…that would be sweet. However, it doesn’t, but luckily, it is something I can find at the farmer’s market too!

I like the fact that Somerville is making fresh fruits and vegetables available year-round. It sounds cool telling my non-resident family and friends that, no matter the month of the year; Somerville has a farmer’s market (at least) once a week. With spring to fall locations in Davis and Union and a winter market hosted by the Armory, farmer’s markets are a great way to meet neighbors you don’t normally see in another part of the city you may not normally visit. I found that the Armory’s market was a great selling feature for Ward 5.

So, if you haven’t visited a market, do so. If you visit often, continue to do so. It’s great to see so many residents out and about enjoying all that this city has to offer and there’s plenty of room for more of you to join us!


ECA said...

Love all the farmers markets around town too! It's so wonderful to be able to get fresh fruits and veggies grown in New England all year. And the way they support other small businesses, like the nut roasters, chocolate makers, fish and meat vendors, etc., is wonderful. Great post!

Ron Newman said...

Don't forget the Enterprise Farm mobile market:

Thursday, 11am-1pm: outside the TAB Building (Council on Aging), 167 Holland St

Thursday, 1:45-2:45 : Somerville City Hall

Thursday, 3:30-4:30: DPW on Franey Road

Saturday, 10 am -noon: Mystic Housing

Saturday, 1-3 pm: Glen Park

Saturday, 4-6 pm: Clarendon Hill Housing (off Powder House Blvd - NOT the towers on Broadway)

See for a map that someone made of all these Somerville markets.

Also, the Swirl & Slice market is every Thursday evening in Union Square, 5 to 8 pm.

Finally, the Davis Flea on Buena Vista Road on Sunday, 10-4, usually has a few farm stands.