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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Land Use Talks Urban Agriculture

The agenda for the next Land Use meeting will talk everything Urban Agriculture-one of the most popular topics in Somerville right now.

The agenda includes...
· 192922: Recommend Requesting approval of a Zoning Ordinance to encourage urban agriculture by adding definitions and amending the table of uses and its footnotes to allow farms as accessory residential uses, and to allow community gardens, community farms and farming on municipal land.

· 193388: Discuss in Committee League of Urban Canners submitting comments re: #192922, the Urban Agriculture Ordinance.

· 193485: Recommend Planning Board submitting a recommendation re: #192922, a proposed Zoning Ordinance to encourage urban agriculture.

This meeting will take place on Wednesday August 8 at City Hall with a 6pm start time.

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