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Friday, August 17, 2012

Magoun Square Looks Pretty :)


Anonymous said...

Girls look "pretty"; Magoun Square looks "good" with the striping.

Now if they only can find a way to keep traffic moving; and lure retail customers.

Anonymous said... I think it looks pretty too.

Anonymous said...

Old time Gounies just "rolled over in their graves."

Some still here would rather the striping had not been done.

Anonymous said...

mmmm nah-That's pretty? lol, seriously? they waste money just to have a bigger stipend next year. It may be more functional-cleaned up, but pretty...ha!

Anonymous said...

shows what you know. magoun people aren't called gounies

Anonymous said...

Go back to Davis

Anonymous said...

Relax! Apparently you knew what the gounies reference referred to....thus,mission accomplished by me using it!

You may also be new to posting here because Courtney O'Keefe, the keeper of this blog, used the term-(albeit spelling may not quite the same)--many posts ago, when she wrote how proud she was to be a goonie---her mom and dad having met in Danny's place back when, as a local person, Magoun Square was the place to be for more reasons than one.

Ward Five said...

Good afternoon, everyone,

You're close...the term I use is "Gouner."

Anonymous said...

Thanx for that W5.

Hope we all now agree, a "name" for residents did/does exist; however spelled and however used.

"Gouner" fits the best!