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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Word Around the Ward

Make way for the Hubway bike stations! They are beginning to be installed this week and locations are spread throughout the city! Encourage neighbors and friends to rent from Somerville as this translates into a revenue stream for the City.

Huge changes up at the Armory recently. Longtime manager Deb McLaughlin has left to pursue other interests. Deb was responsible for such awesome events as the Surreal iBall and bringing the indoor Farmer’s Market! Best of luck to Deb!

Speaking of the Armory, word around the ward is there’s a group looking to loosen the restraints of the infamous 42 conditions placed on the Armory in the early stages of its existence in Ward 5. Thoughts? Feel free to comment below.

Monday marks the one month countdown to Election Day for the Register of Deeds race. I would like to wish both candidates the best of luck!

The Somerville News is reporting that a School Committee person is considering running for Alderman at Large or Ward Alderman come 2013. Any guesses on who it is? Feel free to comment below.

The SomerStreets “Seize the Summer” festival was this past Sunday and seemed more populated than last year. It was nice to see a lot of families and City Officials out having fun and enjoying themselves. Pictorial coming soon!

The Summer-Ville Cool Down was a great success for Somerville Local First last week! Thanks to Olde Magoun’s Saloon, Notch, and Berkshire Brewing Company for a great time.

The Somerville Progressive Charter School has reapplied this week with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The Somerville Journal got the low-down on the story in a Friday publication.


Anonymous said...

About the armory "INFAMOUS 42 conditions" placed upon, and agreed upon,by all involved in getting that site up and going with uses that heretofore were not originally intended when first built.

Given the close proximity of homes/families living in the immediate area, those "INfAMOUS" restraints/restrictions were absolutely necessary to ensure the residents quality of life not being negatively impacted particularly during nightime hours and the limited parking available.

People who bought houses and/or rented in the subject immediate area did so absent the armory being bought and converted to an "entertainment venue.

All involved, including the person who bought that site, did so fully aware of the restrictions that were
going to be placed on future uses of that building; uses that were going to be completely "different" than the original use of that building.

Nothing has changed in regard to those residents living nearby being negatively impacted if those "infamous" restrictions are softened or eliminated.

Nothing has changed in regard to why those restrictions were necessary and put in place initially, and still needed currently.

Those houses are still there and occupied.
Nobody waved a magic wand and created additional open areas for parking in that densely residential occupied neighborhood.

It will be a given, any mitigation of the initial "infamous restrictions" will be met with neighborhood opposition.

Anonymous said...

By the way......if one does not live within close proximity to the armory, and is a patron of what the armory has to offer entertainment-wise nightly, then the current conditions imposed might well be labeled "infamous" in their minds.

I believe the author of the original post is a patron, but lives well away from the site in question, and feels use of the label "infamous" as to the conditions imposed is warranted.

View-points depend on whose ox is being gored....and where one resides.

Anonymous said...

uh or they are infamous because the author has written about them so many times before

Anonymous said...

Writing about the conditions imposed on that venue is one thing; having to live within sight, earshot, and put up with other neighborhood inconveniences at that location, is another thing.

In your free time look up the definition of "infamous."

James said...

If any of you are still experiencing a quality of life issue with it, please call your Alderman, report it with 311 & the SPD.

At the last Ward 5 resistat meeting, there were very little noise complaints, none of which were associated with the armory.

I would agree that they are infamous because they gave the Armory a reputation right out of the gate that actually prevented them from being able to book certain acts and even scaring off possible renters.

Anonymous said...

No noise complaints because of the armory's compliance with the "infamous conditions" imposed from the get-go!

The original poster cited the fact that a "group" is wanting to remove or revise conditions imposed.

Therein remains to be seen if whatever conditions are messed with (if any) that will create problems for the neighbors.

Rebecca said... least that's the word around the ward ;)