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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Word Around The Ward

It seems that the rumors were true up at the Armory. An online petition has been published and they are seeking some changes for the venue at the September 5 ZBA hearing. Time changes, seating increases and a full liquor license request are among the desires of the facility which should bring many voices on both sides to City Hall.

Speaking of September 5, that is the day before Election Day! Be sure to find out where your voting location  is and cast your vote!

The Board of Aldermen will be back tonight for a special meeting, but do have their regularly scheduled meeting for the 23rd cancelled.

Mark Niedergang has cleared up rumors that he was going to pull a political shell game come 2013. Word around the ward was that he was gearing up for an Alderman at Large run, then pull ward papers at the last minute. On Friday August 3, he submitted a letter to me via email that he was laying the groundwork for a run against current Ward 5 Alderman Sean O'Donovan next year. This is the first time Sean has had an opponent in 4 years and this will be the first race my website will cover since I started it in 2009. This, of course, opens up the School Committee seat, however, no one has voiced an interest.

A great new hair salon has opened on the corner of Lowell and Highland Avenue. Christine Andrade is giving it a go at the 217 Highland Avenue location and I wish her the absolute best of luck. She had a table at the Seize The Summer SomerStreets festival that was well attended by participants of the event. Check out her Facebook page!

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