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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hinckley Street Traffic Issues Being Handed Off to SPD

Research has concluded on traffic issues at Hinckley Street and the Traffic Engineer has found that it's an enforcement issue and not a signage problem or an area in need of gridlock striping.

Legislative item #193475 asking that the Traffic Engineer re-visit and provide a solution to the Stop sign issue at Broadway and Hinckley Street and evaluate the installation of street gridlock at that location and report the findings to the Committee on Traffic and Parking will be responded to at the Board of Aldermen meeting on Thursday night according to the published agenda. The response states, "Traffic and Parking reviewed the intersection of Broadway and Hinckley St. Both the Do Not Block The Intersection sign on Broadway and the Stop sign on Hinckley St are properly located. Any traffic congestion and vehicle queues at this intersection would be the result of motorists not obeying these properly installed signs.

Enforcing the moving regulations of properly installed signs is a function of the Somerville Police Department. A work order has been submitted on your behalf with the Somerville Police Department."

Signs found at the intersection are largely ignored by motorists and striping suggestions were made when the item was taken up by the Committee on Traffic and Parking in June.

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