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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Holy Political Mail, Batman!

Something tells me it's election time...


Anonymous said...

For me,one mailing per candidate, is sufficient. All subsequent ones, per candidate, go from my mail box directly into recycle bin-unopended.

BTW---was it "by chance" or "intended" that Hueston's name clearly appears on the top of your pile pix?

While at it, I also don't appreciate fund-raiser money I donated to a favored politician with that politician "donating" that money to another politician's fund-raiser that I do not support.
That's the last time I donate to my favored politician's fund-raiser.

Ward Five said...

Hi Anonymous,

Strictly by chance. That's the way the flyers were arranged on the countertop by my Mom.

Anonymous said...

If she is a Heuston "fan" Mom. But then it would not have been "by chance."