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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yes, That's Me!

For those of you who read over tonight's Board of Aldermen agenda, did you see a familiar name?

Yes, that's me getting recommended to the Human Rights Commission here in Somerville. In an effort to beef up the Boards and Commissions, the Mayor (after I volunteered) is requesting my appointment to the HRC.

A little information on the HRC (courtesy of the City of Somerville's website)...

The Human Rights Commission works to protect and preserve the constitutional, civil, and human rights of all people in the City of Somerville. The Commission aims to eliminate unlawful discrimination and to provide education about human rights issues in our City, and works with diverse individuals and groups to promote tolerance and mutual respect.

The Human Rights Commission:

  • investigates complaints of unlawful treatment, harassment or discrimination
  • promotes public awareness of human rights issues through educational activities
  • provides information to the public about civil rights
  • cooperates with community agencies representing various socioeconomic and ethnic groups in advocating for the human rights of their constituents
  • coordinates with other municipal departments to increase compliance with pertinent local, state, and federal laws
  • works to raise the level of awareness and sensitivity to human rights issues throughout city government

You can also file a complaint with the Commission in three difference languages on the city's website!

Important Documents:
1993 Human Rights Ordinance
Rules of Procedures


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Best of luck.


Ward Five said...

Thanks, Brendan,

It was approved last night too!

I'm looking forward to it.