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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bike Lanes Go Green!

To make bike lanes more noticeable to drivers, they were painted green this past weekend as part of a traffic flow change made to the entrances of Magoun Square.

Broadway and Cedar
The corner of Broadway and Cedar Street has been officially designated a right-turn only, bringing the traffic flow alongside Trum Field down to one lane. This is also in preparation for a pilot program of the head-out/angled parking system in the coming months. This is being tested at the suggestion of Magoun Square business owners.

To make drivers more aware that they have to cross over a bike lane, green paint has been added.Other parts of the city with similar problems are also being considered for the green paint drop to highlight bike lanes.

The Traffic and Parking Department in collaboration with Magoun business owners are studying the traffic patters of the square to see where changes can be made to make the business district safer and more pedestrian friendly.

Entrance to Ball Square
This new designation at Cedar matches the one at the entrance of Ball Square which is also only one lane going through that business district.

The new designation was made at the Cedar Street point because of a bus stop and parallel parking already in place at Trum. Cars speeding up in an effort to merge in the left lane has warranted many complaints to the Traffic and Parking department, prompting Director Matt Dias to convene an investigation of the area. New striping has been added to make it easier for cars to navigate and pedestrians to cross.


Anonymous said...


The Traffic & Parking Acting Director spells his last name with an "s"-----Dias!

There are others who do spell it with a "z"---but not Matt's family.

he is a Magoun neighbor and we should get it right..

Ward Five said...

Thank you for commenting,

My most heartfelt apologies. It has been fixed above.

~Courtney O'Keefe

Anonymous said...

yeah o'keefe get it right!!!

just kidding :) 143