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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cool Armory Events...

A couple of Davis Square Live Journal contributors added some events that are happening at the Armory that I was also asked to promote...clearly, brilliant minds think alike :)

My boy, Andy, over at Truly Good Design asked me to promote this event for dog owners. I thought WitchDogTor, not only had a cool name, but promoted the event perfectly...cut and pasted here for your canine-loving pleasure!

From WitchDogTor...
Join canine herbalist Nancy Anderson of Canis major herbals on the 2nd Tuesday of each month as we explore a holistic, herbal model for canine health. We'll start with nutrition and herbs, and apply that knowledge as we examine the different organ systems through the seasons, pulling it all together in a "whole dog" approach.

Oct 9: On the Nature of Canine Health - Exploring the holistic model
Nov 13: The Importance of Nutrition - Understanding nutrition as the foundation of health
Dec 11: Herbs 101 - What, when, why, and how would you use herbs for your dogs’ health issues? The medicinal applications of herbs will be discussed in their many different forms
Jan 8: Elements of Treatment - The Whole Dog: Putting it all together

Through 2013, we'll spend each month traveling through the canine body, aligning the seasons with the organ systems. Specific and common conditions will also be discussed, such as skin issues, Lyme Disease, parasites, anxiety… and more.
The aim is to make this a fun and interactive series (with tons of information flying around)!

Classes are $10 each and start at 7:00pm. Come to all (for a discounted rate) or only one. Arts at the Armory 191 Highland Ave, Somerville

For more information or to register, email or visit

I also appreciate any opportunity to go and just chill somewhere...Othniel77 let us know about a showing of "Charmed" happening every Monday in October. See you there?

From Othniel77...
Facebook invite here:!/events/230500553745798/
Next Showing: October 8 at 7:00pm

Are you a fan of the WB series "Charmed"?

Join other "Charmed" fans for a FREE evening out (starts at 7:00 PM, ends early enough so that you can get to Ceremony!)

We will be showing 3 episodes of "Charmed" every Monday in October at the Armory in Somerville (Cafe), located at 191 Highland Avenue.

1. FREE parking!
2. 10-15 minute walk from Davis Square for the physical-fitness inclined (MBTA Red Line).
3. Beer and Wine available in the Cafe if you're 21+.
4. Froofy coffee drinks, pastries, sandwiches, and salads.
5. ALL-AGES so you can come if you're under 18+, and if you're a mom/dad, you don't need to book a sitter.
6. It's FREE (the economy sucks, and you're broke!)
7. We won't keep you out too late, dear dayjobbers!

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