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Monday, October 15, 2012

White Stands Ground on Union Square Revitalization

Alderman at Large Bill White was one of three members of the board that opposed the Union Square Revitalization plan (as a whole) at a special meeting convened by the Mayor. Dissatisfied with the use of mentioned parcels in the plan, proposed land acquisitions, and pointing out that there’s no guarantee of a Green Line Station, White joined Ward 3 Alderman Tom Taylor and Ward 6 Alderwoman Rebekah Gewirtz in voicing their opposition. The plan was eventually approved with 7 votes (1 absent).

Citing uncertainty about the Green Line Extension and the economic future of the world, White continued to stand his ground by opposing Thursday night’s bond request for $8 Million to purchase the D2 parcel meant to kick start the revitalization. Procedurally, the city can put the request through despite the fact that the plan is still being considered by the state’s Community and Housing Development Department. They have a little less than a month to decide.

With regards to White’s skepticism on the Green Line, Mayor Joe Curtatone said, "You want guarantees written in blood? It's not going to happen.” White sharply responded, "I don't need anything signed in blood. Plain ink would be sufficient enough for me."

Video Reference:
Alderman White (0:42:30)
Mayor Curtatone (0:57:10)
Alderman White (1:19:22)

White would be the only opposing vote on the matter as it was approved 10-1. Both Taylor and Gewirtz approved the bond request as it pertained to the D2 parcel which was the only portion of the plan they voiced their support of.

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