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Monday, November 19, 2012

Aldermen Go After Graffiti on the Lowell Street Bridge

The ResiStat conversation on crime comes on the heels of a spray painting spree that left numerous properties labeled with "Stew 238" in black spray paint. Thankfully, this tagging has since been removed.

However, Ward 5 Alderman Sean O'Donovan and Aldermen at Large Jack Connolly and Bruce Desmond are not taking the issue of graffiti lightly as they have submitted in the following orders for consideration at Tuesday night's Board of Aldermen meeting with focus on all markings scarring the Lowell Street bridge.

9. Order By Ald. Desmond, O’Donovan, Connolly
That the Commissioner of Public Works remove the graffiti from the Lowell Street bridge.

10. Order By Ald. Desmond, O’Donovan, Connolly
That the City Clerk request that the State Delegation contact the MBTA to remove all graffiti from the retaining wall between the railroad tracks and the Lowell Street bridge.

11. Order By Ald. Desmond, O’Donovan, Connolly
That the Chief of Police inspect the graffiti on the Lowell Street bridge and its retaining wall adjacent to the railroad tracks, to ascertain whether or not it is gang related.

The Board of Aldermen will be meeting on Tuesday night at 7pm in the Aldermanic Chambers of City Hall. The meeting was switched from its usual Thursday night slot due to the Thanksgiving holiday.


Anonymous said...

Isn't order #11 rather redundant (not needed) as it is established standard operating procedure within the SPD to examine ALL graffiti put up in Somerville for possible gang related!?!?

They, the SPD, have been doing this for years.
Believe SPD has a special unit to deal with graffiti, taking pictures and necessary follow-up.

Aldermen should be aware of this SPD SOP; unless they are claiming a "credit" for initiating a gang check by the SPD in the eyes of citizens for "going on record" requesting a check.

Ward Five said...

The graffiti being referred to are old markings that have made their way through three or four Police Chiefs (and still remains there), so I don't think it's redundant at all. They may have slipped through the cracks.

In the four years that I have been attending Board of Aldermen meetings, I have not seen any submission directly referencing these taggings, but can certainly research if there was previous legislation that asked they be researched and removed.

~Courtney O'Keefe

Anonymous said...

Isn't that bridge under the jurisdiction of the State---ergo their responsibility----albeit, when it comes to graffiti, snow removal,refuse litter clean-up, etc., the state, over the years, has been deralict in that regard.

Ward Five said...

Yes, that's why the State Delegation is asked in the second Board order to contact the MBTA.

When the bridge was tagged after it first opened, the Middlesex Sheriff brought down inmates to clean it. I'm wondering if that will be done again.

~Courtney O'Keefe