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Sunday, November 25, 2012

K2 Doubles Up in Magoun Square

Since the late summer we have seen the signs of Dan Maher's exit at 500 Medford Street, but we now see a sign of arrival at the former Stained Glass Studio...literally. Rahul Kotach has put up a banner announcing the arrival of K2 Beer & Wine in the window that once housed custom stained glass pieces created by Maher. This story has even caught the eye of The Somerville Scout and Patch Somerville, respectively. Verissima Productions even put together a video tribute to the artist.

Originally, Kotach was in talks to purchase 514 Medford Street-the location that Basil Tree Catering once called home. When the deal fell through, Kotach considered leaving the square all together before the opportunity to buy Maher's building came up. Maher has temporarily relocated to Cambridge as he finalizes a permanent location for his studio that will feature glass blowing, as well as, his stained glass work.

Construction will begin at 500 Medford Street soon as the store is transformed into what Kotach has called a "Ball Square Fine Wines-inspired" store. It will also offer lottery, beer and wine tastings, as well.

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