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Monday, November 26, 2012

Keep Yourself Safe! Great Video Made by the Somerville Police Department

In continuing with their use of social media and other technological avenues, the Somerville Police Department put together this great video last year informing residents how to keep themselves safe and keep their property out of the hands of thieves!

This video was brought to my attention at the most recent ResiStat meeting by Captain Paul Trant and I thought I would post it here as the holiday season is upon us. Please note that this video can also be found on the Videos page of the website for future reference.

Other tips I have heard for holiday safety include making sure all packaging for big items (TVs, computers) are properly cut up and put inside of your recycling bin and/or trash. Just leaving the boxes out is an invitation to burglars. Also, make a plan to be home for package delivery, have it delivered to your place of employment or have a neighbor take it in to avoid it being stolen right off your porch. Last year, thieves were following the UPS truck around neighborhoods and grabbing packages right after drop off.

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