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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

ResiStat Recap: City Focusing on Street Maintenance

Somerville is putting together a Road and Sidewalk Master Plan that is aiming to repair and implement preventative measures that will keep roads safe and sound for years to come.

The city has approximately 210 miles of sidewalk and 105 miles of roads that, despite 1,100+ pothole fillings and 650 sidewalk repairs, still need constant attention.

In an effort to repair roads at a cheaper cost, the city is looking to use resources that will repair streets from fair to good condition while repairing streets that desperately need work. By tending to streets in fair condition, the city will save money in the long run because the amount of work needed will be minimal rather than the vast reconstruction that has been needed on such streets as Beacon Street and Somerville Avenue.

Similarly, sidewalks throughout the city are receiving a major rehab to be in compliance with the Mass Architectural Access Board (AAB). The city is currently undergoing surveying to compile areas where work is needed.

The city also plans on improved regulations and better enforcement of street opening permit processes, as well as, beginning preventative measures such as crack sealing, micro surfacing, overlay paving, and infrared repair to ensure the longevity of Somerville streets.


Anonymous said...

OK, I remember hearing most of this in the meeting, but what is "street opening permit processes?"


Ward Five said...

This is the permit process that utility companies go through to open the street and do underground work.