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Monday, November 19, 2012

ResiStat Recap: Crime

Police Officer Paul Trant gave an overview of crime statistics in Ward 5 at Wednesday's ResiStat meeting revealing that the Ward is one of the safest in the city!

Despite 7 robberies since the beginning of the year, larcenies in Ward 5 are down 10% and bicycle safety enforcement has significantly increased with over 200 citations issued between April and October. The most common violation being ignoring red lights and stop signs. Even with that amount of citations, the most effort is spent toward motorists as they received over 5,000 citations, rounding out to a 30:1 ratio.

The Somerville Police Department is hoping with education and proper enforcement, both cyclists and motorists will properly share the road.

Captain Trant rounded out the conversation with contact information on how you can keep informed:
  • Text 617SPD and your anonymous tip to TIP411 (847411)
  • Non-Emergency Calls: 617-625-1600
  • Twitter: @SomervillePD
  • Facebook: WWW.Facebook.Com/SomervillePolice
  • Website: WWW.SomervillePolice.Org


Anonymous said...

I believe "Officer" Trant, using proper protocal, should of been referred to by his titled rank of Captain Trant.

Ward Five said...

Changed above, however, he introduced himself as Officer Trant at the meeting. Can't get any more specific than that, right?

~Courtney O'Keefe

Anonymous said...

Since the question has been posed.

While the Captain has the luxury of referring to himself as "Officer" before a live audience, that is specific enough to a live audience who can readily see the Captain's insignia on his uniform. Assuming he was in uniform.

For a reporter, reporting on the subject discussed, and who the speaker was to a reading audience who were not in attendance at the meeting, Captain Trant would be more specific in identifying his position within the SPD.

Ward Five said...

Valid point, however, as a member of numerous boards-being identified the way I introduce myself is very important.

I don't want to be identified as being associated with an organization if what I say is not endorsed by them and they did not ask me to attend the meeting on their behalf.

Granted, it does not apply in this case, but it's my rule of thumb to describe them the way they identify themself on my blog.

Anonymous said...

If it's a good rule of thumb, Courtney, I would stick with it. If he's introducing himself as "Officer" and not "Captain," it's obviously what he prefers.

Anonymous said...

The point of the post is not whether this guy is a captain or officer or sargent or whatever. The point of the post is to let people know what happened at the meeting. Der.