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Thursday, November 15, 2012

ResiStat Recap: The Green Line Extension

Will I ever attend a ResiStat meeting and not have to sit through a presentation on the Green Line Extension? If all goes well, by the time I’m 38 years old, that dream will become a reality.

According to last night’s presentation, the timeline for the Lowell Street/Magoun Square station construction has it beginning in early 2014 with it being rider-ready in 2018.

Whenever we discuss the Green Line, the question of funding comes up and that question seems to be answered as far as the City is concerned. The State has committed to bond to pay for the first three stations. Federal New Starts funding is being sought for the next four stations with money for the first three serving as matching funds. Lastly, $200M in Federal Highway funds are programmed to pay for Rte. 16 Station design AND construction. Everything will be said and done come 2020.

The latest GLX information has the groundbreaking set for Fall 2012 with MassDOT beginning the construction on Medford Street rail bridge to prepare it for Green Line cars. It also noted the approval of the Union Square Revitalization Plan as “paving the way for the Union Square Station.”

Please note that all of this information came from last night's presentation and that you have the opportunity to attend future ResiStat meetings to see the presentation live.

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