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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Somerville Local First Joins Thousands of Local Businesses in Holiday Campaign

Shift Your Shopping Campaign Launches across region

(November 13, 2012)—Somerville Local First, a nonprofit network working to build strong local economies, has announced an all local Holiday Market, Local is for Lovers, as part of its 4th annual Shift Your Shopping campaign. The 2012 campaign is the third annual regional collaboration between local networks across New England to revitalize the local and regional economy by encouraging local shopping for the holiday season.

Supported by the New England Local Business Forum, the campaign will engage over 15 Buy Local organizations and Independent Business Alliances throughout New England. These networks, collectively, represent over 3,400 local and independent businesses and communities with populations exceeding 6 Million residents.

Somerville Local First Executive Director Kat Rutkin says:

Shopping at locally owned, independent businesses during the holiday season gives a gift to the entire community, merchants and shoppers alike. Why go fight the crowds, the traffic and the parking lots of malls and big box stores when you could actually enjoy your shopping experience? By choosing Local and Independent this upcoming weekend, our community members can enjoy the service and atmosphere of local businesses, find unique and special gifts for their loved ones AND support our local and regional economy.”

Numerous studies have shown that buying from local businesses keeps a significantly higher portion of money re-circulating in our community, up to four times of what is retained when dollars are spent at national chains. According to the National Retail Federation, individuals will spend, on average, approximately $750 on holiday related shopping this year.

In Somerville, that could mean up to 16.5 million dollars in spending.

Somerville Local First sees this as a tremendous opportunity to create a local stimulus for our economy, create jobs and strengthen local businesses and local producers.

Across the region, networks will produce events, promote the campaign with their members via social and traditional media and much more. Locally, Somerville Local First will be hosting its first holiday market, Local is for Lovers, at the Center for Arts at the Armory on Sunday, Dec. 2 to highlight local artists, merchants, craftspeople and musicians. With dozens of local vendors, kid friendly music and activities, it is an event for the whole family and one not to be missed! With the buzz about ‘local’, growing every day, this year’s Shift Your Shopping campaign seeks to take yet another step towards a truly sustainable regional and local economy in Somerville, New England and beyond.

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