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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Stew, WTF!?

I went out on my morning walk today and was welcomed by some new graffiti on some Lowell Street properties! Nice way to start off my weekend!

"Stew" and "Stew 238" adorned a fence, house, fence posts, and the ramp leading up to the back of the CVS in Magoun Square (I was told about this).

Neighbors on Lowell Street did locate the spray paint can and are holding it for SPD's arrival today. Hopefully, the can can lead to the store where it was purchased from and possible the apprehension of "Stew 238".

If you saw anything, please contact the Somerville Police Department!


Anonymous said...

Don't give the coward punk, or punks, any more publicity than miminally necessary.

Ward Five said...

Thanks for your comment!

After speaking to the Somerville Police Department, they appreciated the post as it lets anyone involved know that they are taking the matter seriously. This is an ongoing investigation and I plan on keeping tabs on it.

~Courtney O'Keefe

Anonymous said...

SPD and other cities police departments surrounding Somerville are in a coordination/sharing information mode in regard to tagging that may suggest put up by "gangs"-----and have been working in concert for several years.

Also,at least in Somerville, any and all "tagging" posted on private property is the responsibility of property owners to remove within a specified time-window. However, I was told there does exist, in some cases, where Somerville's DPW will send out a crew and equipment to remove a "tag."

At this time, all the most recent "tags" on Lowell Street have been removed.

Unfortuneately the wooden stockade fence, albeit the "tag" was erased, did leave eyesore "smudges" behind; property owner's expense if he/she decides to remedy the problem.