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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Two Hour Parking Time Limit Removed From Trum Field

The 2 hour parking time limit has been removed alongside Trum Field on Broadway to see if it will assist in the parking availability crunch that has long plagued Magoun Square and if it will be a feasible location to pilot unmonitored (head-out) angled parking to increase the parking supply for the business district.

The Traffic and Parking Department removed the signs this past week and would like to see if it serves as a relief for Magoun or if it becomes another drop off site for residents who refuse to purchase a parking permit.

Once data and feedback is gained, Traffic and Parking will decide on whether the site is a good location to feature the head-out, angled parking system. This system could further the increase in parking spots for Magoun and, hopefully, assist landlords in leasing out available storefronts.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but when did the police ever enforce the 2-hour max parking limit at that Broadway subject location?

At one time, and maybe now continuing a tanker truck parked for hours and over night, on that Broaway stretch; in addition, when baseball and softball games were played at Trum, players and fans parked for hours on end where the 2-hour limit was posted; including evening games....including on the stretch of Cedar Street from Franey Road to Broadway----police going by, on foot and in cruisers ignoring all violations.
Believe the driver of that tanker truck lived close by, possibly in Medford. Been doing it for years.

Gotta get real about that "new" Broadway parking situation; it will not help the situation to any great degree; in fact, in my opinion, many of the spaces will be filled all day and possibly nightime, by owners and employees of the Magoun Square businesses; and people parking all day enroute to Boston etc., by public transportation for work and shopping.