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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Word Around The Ward

Big thanks to our first user of the new "Submit Suggestions" feature on Ward 5 Online! They wanted to let us know that the former Royal White location has been recently fenced off in preparation for construction of condominiums by the same firm that built the development overlooking the Cedar Street bridge. A community meeting was held in December of 2011 and the ZBA decision was made in May. Royal White is still operating out of their Warwick Street location, but the storefront on Cedar, that also housed a laundromat, was sold to make way for more residences. Neighbors recently received a (mandated) certified letter regarding the pending construction by the developer. An email has been sent to the developer to get more information and a timeline.
Candidate for Ward 5 Alderman, Mark Niedergang, has one fundraiser under his belt as he welcomed supporters of his campaign to Pescatore on Tuesday night via an emailed, mailed and Facebooked invitation. Although this isn't his "official kickoff," it is the first fundraiser for this race that will end on the November 2013 Election Day. Incumbent Sean O'Donovan has yet to have a fundraiser for the first competitive race that he has experienced in four years, however, is gearing up to face his challenger in 2013. Both seem to be putting together a solid team of people to run the "behind the scenes" show as they focus on an upcoming campaign season of door knocking and appearances in Ward 5.
The holiday week finally brought out two people that are interested in running for School Committee in Ward 5! During our conversation, they seemed sold on the idea, but have not made a formal, public announcement yet. At this point, these are the only people I have spoken to that are  interested in the position. Don't bother asking, they have requested that I keep their identity anonymous until they're ready to make a final decision. I wonder if the recent news that an At Larger is considering stepping down will bring some Ward 5ers out of hiding to run? 2013 is certainly shaping up to be one interesting political year here in Somerville and, most especially, in Ward 5.
This weekend is packed with many great events to attend including Vernon Street Open Studios/Mural dedication, Winter Farmer's Market, Vintage Market Sponsored by the Davis Square Flea, Somerville Local First's Local is for Lovers Market, and the First Church Somerville Rug and Rummage Sale. There are many more events happening around Somerville, as well, that will keep you busy all weekend. Be sure to stop by one, if not all, of these events.
The amount of stakeholder businesses is slowly growing in Magoun Square and so is their desire to see their neighbors offer goods and services that meet the needs of the community and compliment the existing businesses to create a well-rounded district. I have a feeling that the upcoming new year will bring some big changes in Magoun Square and I'm ready to be a part of it!


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is the Somerville campaign season starting *REALLY* early this time around?

Anonymous said...

agree...usually doesn't start until May. Thank god they can't have commercials :)

Anonymous said...

My understanding is Royal White had to sell or had the property taken because of past due real estate taxes. And that they are in a similar situation with their Warwick Street property, but are being given much more time for some reason.

Anonymous said...

would be nice to see a couple of people go for school committee.

Anonymous said...

Who is the At Larger considering stepping down?

Anonymous said...

In regard to "pending" new condos in Ward 5; appears 143-145 Cedar Street (one block south of the the laundry condo site) has reverted to the "back burner" (and forgotten) with the initial proposals submitted by Peter DuPuis Realty--(DuPuis, also the owner of Faulkner Bros Oil Company at the corner of Cedar Street and Alpine Street plus other properties throughout Somerville)143-145 Cedar also financed by interests in the United Arab Emirates.

With their proposal and plan for ten condo units at 143-145 Cedar appeared to have been approved by the Somerville powers-that-be; and after one of the original business buildings having been demolished---two other old buildings needing to be demo'd also; the subject property now has a for-sale sign by a Centry 21 Agent, last name Mary Rose DuPuis--asking price 1.2 million.

Appears Peter DuPuis, and the U.A.R. people, have changed their minds about going with building the approved 10 condo units themselves.

Interesting--as to what is "really" going on there!

Anonymous said...

Adding this comment to the above 143-145 Cedar post.

It appears the intention all along was for the property to be "flipped" for a tidy profit above what DuPuis et-al paid for it; $$$ value added by first obtaining the approval for building 10 condos before "flipping" it for 1.2 million dollars.

The ten approved condos, not yet built, are included in the for sale literature as an enticement to a prospective buyer/developer.

Not sure what they, Dupuis etc., paid for the site; but he also owns the 3 level (6 unit apartment rental building)at 147 Cedar, same southeast corner where the subject 143-145 Cedar site wraps around #147 to Alpine Street.