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Sunday, December 30, 2012

How's Everyone Doing?

So far, so good for me over in the Magoun Square area. I can see the sun coming out!

I have twittered 311 to see if I can get a plow to make a quick pass up my street. As you can see, we just need it cleared a bit, so it won't freeze over tonight.

The pre-salting the DPW conducted yesterday was a good call by Commissioner Koty. Walking home from the Armory last night was a bit treacherous, but cars seemed to have enough traction to climb up Lowell Street around 10pm.

How is everyone else doing? Cleared out or waiting until the sun does its thing?

If you were to grade the DPW and 311 what would you give them and why?

Comment your rulings below and feel free to submit pictures for posting!


Anonymous said...

Overall,at least in my neighborhood, I believe the DPW did a very good job.

One question:
Was there ever a snow emergency declared in Somervile??
To my knowledge, I don't believe so.
Given (IF) Somerville did not, yet all the residents on my street parked on the odd side which made it much easier for sanders and plows to do their job.

Guessing, subject residents probably anticipated a snow emergency declared; again, asssuming no emergency was declared.

My friend in Medford said one was called there; and of course Boston declared a snow emergency. Not sure about other surrounding cities.

The rain/snow.... snow/rain/snow mix.... and dropping temps made whatever ended up on cars like glue---not easily removed.

Anonymous said...

There was not a snow emergency declared, however, I think residents were anticipating one- like you mentioned.

I thought the DPW did a great job too. I saw them salting the night before on Broadway and Highland Avenue.