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Friday, December 14, 2012

My Thoughts on Alderman Bill Roche

Go figure that one of the very few Board of Aldermen meetings I can’t attend is the one that should not be missed (it really sums up my entire life quite perfectly). Ward 1 Alderman Bill Roche handed in his resignation from the Board, last night, citing family and responsibility balance issues. This news is shocking and, for me, incredibly sad. It may have been because he has the same name and resembles my Father, but, plain and simply stated: I loved me some Billy Roche.

Advocating for the Magoun Square area brought me to cross paths with Alderman Roche as he sat on committees that discussed Magoun issues. He would respond to my emails, promptly, talking about his personal ties to the Square and how he supported Alderman Sean O’Donovan’s efforts in making the square the best it could possibly be.

This past summer, during talks surrounding Food Truck-related legislation, Alderman Roche’s dedication to the brick and mortar businesses of Ward 1 was front and center as he expressed his desire to have our elected officials draft an ordinance that kept their best interest at heart while improving the economic opportunities for Somerville. Although he represented Ward 1, he always kept a watchful eye over the city as a whole.

Choosing to be involved in my community and disperse information publicly has brought me in close proximity to a lot of political personalities and city officials. With Bill Roche, there was always a common theme to the way I was treated and spoken about. He was appreciative, respectful, and a consummate professional whenever I was in his presence. My concerns became his concerns and he would see legislation throughout its entire journey and offer his influence until it was carefully crafted into something that benefited everyone and not just his own constituents.

To Alderman Roche, I extend my most heartfelt thank you for your service on the Board of Aldermen and corresponding committees and commissions. I thank you for always keeping Magoun Square close to your heart and, most especially, treating me as if I lived in Ward 1.

Good luck and God bless,
Courtney O’Keefe


Anonymous said...

Beautifully written, Court

Anonymous said...

well said

Anonymous said...

I love it Courtney. And you should definitely consider running for something.

Let's get the "heard around the Ville" political mill going ... I heard Courtney is going to run for the special senate election after John Kerry get secretary of state. And I'll vote for her!