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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Q: Is M.F. Dulock the Best of the New? A: Yes!

Thumbing through the Boston Globe Magazine, I noticed a few familiar names in their Best of the New feature, but one stuck out from the rest! M.F. Dulock was given this distinction after only being open since this summer.

He joined other Somerville hotspots such as Saloon, Casa B, M3, The Painted Burro, and Backbar. Check out this Somerville Patch article for the full list as the Boston Globe Magazine did not make thsi available online.

The article went on to mention people, ideas and shopping locations as part of their feature.


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Ward Five said...

Hi everyone,

I included the Somerville Patch article after posting this, so everyone could have access to the full list.

~Courtney O'Keefe