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Monday, December 10, 2012

Resident Submission: Yup, That's An Owl

Although a little blurry, friends Rebecca and Brendan snapped a picture of an owl hanging out in Magoun Square the other night. They spotted Magoun's neighbor while having dinner at Daddy Jones Bar and submitted the picture to me this morning. It seems that Magoun Square is the newest hotspot for cool birds as Rebecca recently submitted in pictures of a hawk near her house!
Anyone else see this beauty around?


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Don't know Brendan or Rebecca, but they got a great shot there.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you don't know us?

I know lots of Anonymouses.


Ryan said...

Can't tell what kind of owl this is, but I spotted a Barred Owl in Harvard Yard 2 weeks ago and my wife saw a Barred Owl at MIT in broad daylight this week. Owl invasion!

Courtney O'Keefe said...

Thanks, Ryan,

If nothing else, they do keep the rodent population down!

~Courtney O'Keefe