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Monday, December 24, 2012

SPD Join Convoy to Virginia to Deliver Cards to Boy Battling Cancer

Very cool story posted on the Somerville Police Department's website...

Pictured left to right is Somerville Police Officers Captain Paul Trant, Jason Costa, Randy Isaacs, Devin Schneider, Alan Monaco, Sergeant Scott Whalen, Lieutenant Dan Cotter, Eric Ubeda, Robert Pasqualino, MA State Trooper Daniel Pires and Deputy Chief Michael Cabral.

Several weeks ago the Somerville Police Department learned about the dying wish being made from six year old Nathan Norman, who is fighting brain cancer, and is from Rustburg, Virginia. Nathan’s wish was to be a police officer or firefighter and he was requesting Christmas cards from police and fire departments from throughout the U.S. Thanks to the Burlington, MA Police Department, the idea was hatched that instead of mailing the cards to Nathan, local police departments from throughout New England would form a “blue” convoy and hand deliver the cards to Nathan at his home in Virginia.

We are proud to say that the Somerville Police Department, by far, had the largest representation with (10) officers that embarked on this 20 hour round trip. In reality, many more officers volunteered but a limit was established to ensure that appropriate staffing levels would be maintained in the city during the Holidays.

These officers did not receive any compensation, overtime or reimbursement. All expenses for the trip were borne by the officers and from contributions made by the Superior Officers and Patrol Officers Union. Chief Thomas Pasquarello and Mayor Joseph Curtatone made Nathan an Honorary Somerville Police Department Officer and Nathan will be presented with this plaque.

The Somerville Police Department is always there to protect and serve and today’s mission was no different. Please keep Nathan and his family, as well as the victims of the Newtowne tragedy, in your thoughts and prayers.

Capt. Trant and Sgt. Whalen


Anonymous said...

Great story, especially, for the holidays!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome!