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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Word Around The Ward

Lowell Street was hit again this past Saturday, only this time it was orange paint ball shots on some cars.

Recently, the connector between Highland Avenue and Medford Street was the victim to some spray painting that is still being investigated by the Somerville Police Department.

Clearly, they were tipped off as I saw the SPD SUV's driving up and down Lowell all day on Saturday and Sunday.

The windows of the K2 Beer and Wine have officially been covered up with purple paper as it undergoes some construction throughout the winter months. No work has been done on the outside as of yet.

As stated before, the store will feature lottery, beer and wine with possible wine and beer tastings.

This is one of two new businesses that will be opening soon as the former Cara Donna location is also under construction and rumored to be a market.

I usually don't do this on Word Around the Ward, but this is a special case...

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ward 5 resident and Ward 5 Online contributor, Lee Anderson!

Lee has submitted some great pictures of Trull Street and Ace Thunder Buddy for my readers to enjoy.

I got to celebrate with him on Saturday and was promised more submissions in the future. Yay!

I certainly do like the posts of the new parking meters in Magoun Square. Let me know in the comment section how the top looks ;)

In all seriousness, I am very happy that these meters have made their way to Magoun Square as a night at Daddy Jones Bar proved when a customer had to get quarters for the meter.

My hope is that they take the stress out of parking in the Square and replace it with a great night out in one of Somerville's coolest locations (my humble opinion).

There are some big meetings tonight, but they will be happening simultaneously. I will be at the 6:30pm Winter Hill/Magoun Square final Neighborhood Presentation at the Winter Hill Community School (115 Sycamore Street).

Also meeting are the Committee on Traffic and Parking and the Board of Aldermen both at City Hall and at 6pm and 7pm respectively.

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