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Monday, December 3, 2012

Vernon Street Open Studios Never Disappoints

Vernon Street Studios (6 and 20 Vernon Street)

I do love me some Magoun Square, but I have to admit that one of the biggest factors that keeps me in this section of Somerville is that I am within walking distance of the Vernon Street Studios.

The weekend of December 1 and 2 (some artists had receptions on Friday the 30th), the studios opened up to the public for the second time this year. Despite just being at numbers 6 and 20 Vernon Street in May, strolling the floors is always different. Everything from sculptures to paintings to photography and jewelry, I find these studios to be a brand new experience each and every time they open their doors to me.

During my Sunday visit, I stopped by to see Paul Arsenault, Susan Sills, David Fallon, Robert Reyes, and Heather Balchunas just to name a few.

Also presented today were brand new panels along the foundation of the Rogers Foam Factory facing Central Street. These panels were created by Vernon Street artists, themselves, and can be seen on a page dedicated to the project on their website.

(L-R) Paul Arsenault, Susan Sills
David Fallon, artist unknown

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Anonymous said...

I love Paul Arsenault!