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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Govenor Patrick Calls for $13 Billion Transportation Investment

Govenor Patrick at MaxWells Green with Mayor Joe Curtatone

In the next decade, Govenor Deval Patrick would like to see the State of Massachusetts invest $13 Billion in transportation improvements that include the Green Line Extension through Somerville.

The plan calls for increases in numerous taxes, fees, fares, as well as, new tolling mechanisms and a toll on the Western Turnpike (Read More).

Magoun Square is up the street from the proposed Lowell Street stop that some residents have lobbied to include the mention of Magoun Square. At this point, no definite change has been made, although, renderings of the station have signs advertising the square located around the station.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Having read the plan (and lots of articles on it in the last day or so), do people REALLY think the GLX is coming?

The MBTA is broke and can't even fix the cars and stations it already owns. Yes, they "promised" $500m to the GLX (50% of the cost). However, the federal goverment said, we won't pony up our half until you can prove you can PAY for your half.

The ideas the T threw out to the feds were, we'll implement the Vehicle Mile Tax and an increase the gas tax. Well, the support for increasing the gas tax were a huge rotten egg (so says a recent poll), and won't happen. The mileage tax, while interesting, is already getting huge pushback from commuters and the legislature. Speaker DeLeo already said "we'll have our chopping axes ready."

Then I look at all the other necessary transit fixes the state needs to do (fix crumbling roads, bridges, existing transit), and the money that alone will cost.

We also see the South Coast Rail project to serve a population that has NO transit, which is something else that needs to be done. Add that in with the GLX, a Boston-Springfield route, etc., and you get the idea.

So I say sure, Somerville, keep dreaming. Keep pretending the GLX is coming because the state fixed two bridges - in Medford. Keep redesigning roads to eliminate cars because the GLX will make people never drive again.

I guess we could always sue the state again and make them build the GLX with all the money they don't have, strand the South Coast, screw Western MA, and watch trains keep breaking down on the C line.