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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Magoun Square on BOA Agenda...

Ward 5 Alderman Sean O'Donovan has submitted the following items onto the Board of Aldermen agenda to be taken up at their Thursday meeting. I have offered some notes underneath each one. Please note that Alderman O'Donovan alerts the appropriate Department head of his Board orders, so don't be surprised if resolutions are already in place before they are submitted to the Board of Aldermen.

3. Order By Ald. O’Donovan
That the Director of Traffic and Parking recalibrate the traffic signal on Medford Street to allow more vehicles to exit Lowell Street onto Medford Street.

Note: I feel as though this has been fixed?! The last couple of times that I drove through the Square, I was able to take a left onto Medford Street and had the lights at CVS also green, allowing the traffic to move through and increasing the amount of cars able to go through the Lowell Street light. Has anyone else noticed this? Big thanks to Matt Dias and the rest of the Traffic and Parking Department who observed the area for two weeks before making the necessary changes.

4. Order By Ald. O’Donovan
That the Commissioner of Public Works illuminate street lights earlier than 6:00 AM to accommodate early morning walkers and runners.

Note: I feel as though this has also been taken care of, as well. Twitter friend, Lisa, informed me that her Monday morning run was much better as the lights from Teele Square, through Ball to Magoun were illuminated. Big thanks to Commissioner Koty for making this change and making it safer for early morning walkers and runners.

5. Order By Ald. O’Donovan
That the Commissioner of Public Works install a nonwood MAGOUN SQUARE sign in Magoun Square to showcase the area.

Note: This sign has been missing for years with the DPW Commissioner revealing that it gets knocked down and damaged whenever it's replaced. Hopefully, this can be done as it is a piece of Magoun Square that many residents have been waiting for!


Ward Five said...

I updated the post with a notation regarding Alderman O'Donovan's practice of alerting Department Heads of his Board orders.

~Courtney O'Keefe

Anonymous said...

With the turn on to Medford, I think signage to not block the intersection would be more helpful. Can never turn left because cars have driven into the intersection.

Ward Five said...


This sign is present at the light just before Lowell Street. Enforcement would ensure it's obeyed. I will bring this up to Alderman O'Donovan as I will be attending Thursday's meeting.

Thank you for commenting!

Courtney O'Keefe

Anonymous said...

Why non wood? To prevent damage/theft?

Ward Five said...

Yes. The previous ones were damaged. The idea is to get one that's more durable and, maybe, mount it on a pole rather than keep it on the ground.

Thanks for commenting!

~Courtney O'Keefe

Anonymous said...

The "Welcome to East Somerville" sign on lower Broadway is "alive and well" after being there for quite awhile. It's made of wood.

Having being made of wood is the best way to go..WHY?...anything out there made of metal is a source of revenue for the metal scavanges on the prowl all over the city.
They got a metal traffic sign at the end of my street just a short time ago.