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Monday, January 7, 2013

Rossetti, White, Curtatone Motivate, Inspire in Organizational Addresses

Always the Somerville Public Schools biggest fan, Chairperson Mary Jo Rossetti promised to fight hard for mobile students both as a member of the Somerville School Committee, but also in her other roles as President of the Massachusetts Association of School Committees (MASC) and a member of the Local Government Advisory Committee convened by Governor Patrick. Chairperson Rossetti went on to reveal that the School Committee will be undergoing their own professional development in the upcoming months and reiterate that the School Committee, backed by the City Charter, is the sole deciding body for the candidate that will succeed Ward 1 Representative Maureen Cuff-Bastardi. See her whole speech (21:40 timestamp)

President of the Board of Aldermen Bill White (Alderman At Large) began by thanking his collegues and friends for supporting him during a very difficult summer that included a major surgery and the death of his beloved Mother. Alderman White would go on to praise the Somerville of today by acknowledging the Somerville of yesterday. He highlighted the qualities that gave Somerville its character and pointed out the upcoming changes that will make the city the envy of the suburbs that once referred to the city as "Slummerville." See his whole speech (32:12 timestamp)

After thanking past and present elected officials and honoring Bob Publicover and the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, Mayor Curtatone began by admitting that he "gets out of bed every morning excited to go to work." He highlighted the achievements of the past year including the passing of the Union Square Redevelopment Plan and the beginning of the construction on the Orange Line Station at Assembly Square. He would then go on to admit that 2013 marks "East Somerville's turn" for attention and much needed improvement, as well as, his excitement surrounding the opening of the Brickbottom and Inner Belt areas through the  grounding of McGrath Highway-a cause his administration has long supported. See his whole speech (41:25 timestamp)

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Pretty impressed with all the speeches.