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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rules Committee (Ad Hoc) Meets on White's Changes

Board President Bill White, through a committee created at the last Aldermen meeting, is seeking changes to the Board's rules in an effort to clarify and improve the proceedings.

In a minute track attachment, White makes a number of changes for the full Board to consider, specifically, to rules 17, 24, 28, 32, and 51. These changes are made in red in the attachment and feature, mostly, language clarifications, although, the change to rule #51 asks that an item not be recommended to more than one committee. This should speed up the journey of legislation through committees and then back to the full Board for voting.

The Committee is meeting on Thursday January 17th at 6:30pm in the second floor committee room of City Hall to discuss the changes. Along with White, on the committee, are Ward 6 Alderwoman Rebekah Gewirtz and Alderman At Large Jack Connolly.

The agenda has been posted and, at this point, it is the only item being discussed.

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Rebekah's weren't include?