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Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Word Around the Ward

Could we be saying goodbye to Woody's Liquors soon? The word around the ward is that someone is interested in the building that the store is located in and that paperwork is now involved. So far, no formal announcement and nothing has been spotted on the Licensing Commission agenda. There were rumors that the owner of the Furniture Liquidators was entertaining offers, but that the number was a little high. Could it be the right price now?

Is Magoun Square in need of another pizza/wing/sub location? Some business owners don't think so and are ready to head up to a Zoning Board meeting on January 9th at 6pm to voice their concern at City Hall.

It is 2013 and it is an election year here in the City of Somerville. Stay tuned for my Who? What? Why? feature where we can speculate until formal announcements are made in the Spring.

Congratulations to Daddy Jones Bar for another write-up, this time in the Boston Globe, featuring a couple of their specialty cocktails. I'm so happy that this new establishment, along with other businesses, is bringing some much needed exposure to Magoun Square!

This weekend saw a formal announcement from the School Committee looking to fill Maureen Cuff-Bastardi's seat in the Boston Globe. The request states that they are looking to fill the seat by February.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Probably an off-topic item,meaning not strictly Ward 5, but what the heck is happening, or has happened, to the weekly newspaper "Somerville Journal?"

Fairly recently the news-stand price went from $1.00 to #2.00. WOW!
Along with that, the size of print got smaller, making it difficult to read. I guess the smaller print lent itself to reducing their cost, using less newsprint.

Then, with no notice to their readers, at least to my knowledge, for two weeks in a row, the featured popular "Speak Out" item was missing with no explanation to readers given---at least to my knowledge. let's see if still missing next week!

Also appears the better part of what is left is taken up by an increase in commercial ads. With that, surely their revenue from printed ads has increased; and their apparent "disdain" for the reading public is showing through.

Enough allready!!
Time to consider no longer buying their paper!!