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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Word Around The Ward

K2 has officially placed a sign at 500 Medford Street detailing what the store will provide. No glimpse of the inside has been revealed, so we can only wait until the doors officially open.

The Winter Farmers Market is still going strong at the Armory on Saturaday mornings from 9:30am-2:00pm. It has been running since December, ending in April.

Massachusetts down to Somerville election speculation over at the Blue Mass Group website has some people buzzing. Check out the thread and comment your thoughts on the Who? What? Why? post (should you post them here, they will be moved).

Looks like Magoun Square will be the new home of King of Wings at 514a Medford Street. The ZBA gave its conditional approval of the application at their January 9th meeting.

There are some great activities planned for MLK Day on January 21st! Check out all the details and be sure to attend one of the events!

A Police traffic vehicle has been spotted at the corner of Lowell and Medford Street for the past couple of weeks, monitoring the situation at the Lowell Street light. Currently, only two cars get through the green light and, should there be backup, no one gets through or drivers take another way to avoid it. This has caused some backup on Lowell and Medford Streets. Hopefully, the observation will lead to a resolution of the issue.

Don't forget about the Pop Up Invasion of Magoun Square! Staff Meal Truck is coming to Daddy Jones Bar with a whole pig from local butcher MF Dulock. You will get 4 courses of pig cooked by the guys of Staff Meal Truck in our kitchen at Daddy Jones Bar. Get your tickets soon!


Anonymous said...

Here's hoping the K2 liquor store supports the local craft beer scene and even hosts tastings. They'd get a lot of business if they went that route.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree!