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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Word Around the Ward

Facebook pages for two candidates looking to take the Ward 5 School Committee seat have popped up. Ross Richmond and Caroline Shea Rosas both have pages up, but no actual websites have been launched. This is turning out to be an interesting election year!

The MaxWells Green retaining wall is the latest victim of graffiti as it was tagged about 6 weeks ago. This is now an MBTA issue as it runs along live track. Recently, our State Delegation was informed of large areas of graffiti on the Lowell Street bridge.

The Somerville News had an interesting poll this week asking readers if they wanted Mayor Joe Curtatone to run for Governor. At last check the majority said, "no." Is this because they don't want to lose him as Mayor? Let your thoughts on the matter be known in our ongoing conversation about election season.

There has been an improvement with the timing of the Lowell Street light recently. As you turn left onto Medford Street, the light at the CVS is green, allowing more cars to pass through Magoun Square. This timing, however, seems to only be occuring during high traffic times as some early morning residents experience a long wait at the light between 5-7am. I, for one, am happy about the change, but would like to see the light be beneficial for everyone. One resident suggested keeping it blinking yellow during off-peak night and early morning hours. Hmmm...

I was so happy to see an order to have the Magoun Square sign replaced after many years and one huge construction project. Considering the fact that previous signs have become victim to damage, I am supporting a more durable sign, possibly mounted, to keep it out of harm's way. Then again, I just want a friggin' sign!

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Anonymous said...

I don't want Mayor Joe to run for governor because he is doing a good job here in Somerville in moving us towards prosperity and making it a good place to work/live/play/raise a family.

Any replacement might with good intentions try to move use back to the "good old days" when we were Slumerville and crime was rampant. No thank you.