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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Word Around The Ward

I do apologize for the lack of posting this week. Unfortunately, I fell victim to the infamous flu that's going around. Feeling better now!

The Somerville Journal is quoting Mayor Joe Curtatone this week as saying that he is in for Mayor this year. This shouldn't come as a shock to anyone as the only rumors concerning the Mayor wouldn't impact Somerville until late 2013, early 2014. Looks like we'll have to wait for an official word. Feel free to share your thoughts in our ongoing Election 2013 conversation.

Peeking into the K2 Beer and Wine (plus) store is showing a pretty nice setup.

All quiet on the campaign front here in Ward 5. No big news from either side of the Alderman's race, nor from either candidate for the School Committee seat. I can't wait until things begin to heat up with official kick-offs and door knocking!

The Somerville Local First Local is For Lovers 2.0 Market is coming up on February 10 at the Armory from 11am-5pm. The first one, held in December, was a huge success with the vendors asking for another one. Be sure to stop by!

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Jeff said...

Hope you're felling better, Court