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Friday, February 15, 2013

Follow-Up: 15 Minute Parking Spot Approved in Ball Square

The Traffic Commission approved a request for a 15-minute parking spot in Ball Square at their January meeting after tabling the item in previous gatherings.

The meeting minutes detail, "Dias stated that although concerns remain about creating a parking imbalance (too many shortterm spaces and not enough longer-term), after working with the Mayor’s Office, Alderman O’Donovan, and Mr. Taylor, a trial period would allow for an outcome based decision in the best interest of all businesses in Ball Square. He also stated that short-term and longer-term parking spaces are never for one business in a business district. They are for all businesses, and provided for public consumption.

Dias suggested a long-term trial period, with frequent reporting back to the Traffic Commission.  Chair stated his support, as did Polito and Graney.  Chair stated his support of involving the local officials to help make a balanced and informed decision. Motion to approve a Trial 15-minute parking space made by Polito, 2nd Manzelli, unanimous."

The spot would be available upon the removal of the bike corral (for the winter months) by The Pub and Eat At Jumbo's in the square. Currently, there are eleven short-term parking spots in the square.

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Anonymous said...

Good to see the little guy win every now and again.