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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Somerville By Design Station Area Planning Presentation Published

Magoun Square Rendering Courtesy of Somerville By Design

Somerville by Design concepts for Magoun and Gilman Squares, which were presented in a well-attended January 8th meeting at the Armory, have now been published along with the full presentation that also features concepts for Ball Square.

Magoun Square has been the subject for much research by The City of Somerville, as well as, Students from MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning. This research is part of the City's ongoing Central Broadway Initiative.

Full Presentation
Magoun Square Plan View
Magoun Square Rendering
Lowell Street Plan View


Anonymous said...

Is this anywhere near as real as Union Square? I mean as far as eminent domain etc.


Ward Five said...

No formal Redevelopment Plan has been proposed by the Administration regarding Ball or Magoun Square.

Also, for Magoun, changes to traffic patterns and parking systems are being revisited in the Spring that may alleviate some of the issues experienced there.

I will keep you posted on everything that happens!

Courtney O'Keefe