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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Word Around the Ward

Big thanks to the Somerville News, Somerville Journal and Somerville Patch for carrying my Op-ed regarding the Magoun Square sign this and last week! Hopefully, we can follow it up with a 'thank you' letter should it get installed in March.

A big announcement out of Ward 7 this week with Katjana Ballantyne launching her second bid for the alderman's seat against incumbant Bob Trane.  Post your thoughts in our ongoing election 2013 conversation.

Daddy Jones Bar will soon be jumping into the brunch market as Magoun Square's newest eatery will open its doors to the day crowd starting in mid-February. An official start date will be posted as soon as it's announced. This comes on the other big announcement that they are also opening on Mondays after designating this day for special events and pop-ups.

The Somerville Local First Local is For Lovers 2.0 Market is coming up on February 10 at the Armory from 11am-5pm. The first one, held in December, was a huge success with the vendors asking for another one. Be sure to stop by!

Guess who is coming to the Magoun Square area? Mayor Joe Curtatone will be visiting different residences as part of his MIMBY: Mayor in my Backyard program in the next couple of months. Can't wait to chat with him!

There is a report out the the area will see significant snow accumulation on Friday and Saturday. Please take necessary precautions, stay informed and keep your sidewalk/stairs clear of snow. Good luck!

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