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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Word Around the Ward

The K2 Beer and Wine store is officially open and featuring something that will make the folks over at Somerville Cares About Prevention very happy! The check-out process will include a scan of the buyer's ID to ensure it's valid. A recent Twitter exchange with SCAP revealed that they would like to see all restaurants and package stores have these. According to Raul, it costs $100 and, "is worth every penny." Glad to see a new Magoun Square business featuring this safety method!

Speaking of the new beer and wine store, reader and Facebook page liker, Spencer, mentioned that he found Notch Beer in the Magoun Square location!

Individuals interested in purchasing a YUM Restaurant Card or tickets to the 2013 YUM: A Taste of Immigrant City celebration can do so by visiting Cards will also be available at the Winter Farmers’ Market at the Armory on February 23 and March 9.

The Modelo Butcher Market now features a sign, but we're still waiting on an official opening date.

What a difference a week makes! Last week, it was a challenger for Ward 7 Alderman and now it's a Representative going for Congress! Ward 5 Online wishes Carl Sciortino the best of luck as he sets his sights on Ed Markey's seat while Markey works on his bid for Senator. The conversation is really heating up as we approach the Spring time here in Somerville.

I hope everyone likes the new pages now featured on Ward 5 Online. City-prompted studies and conversations inspired me to bring a Magoun Square page back and include a Ball Square page along with it. A direct link to the Magoun Square United listserv has already resulted in a few new email addresses and pageviews on the Square pages have told me that people like them. Have suggestions? Be sure to submit them or email them to me.

How do you think the DPW did during the storm? Comment below!


Anonymous said...

During and AFTER the storm, I can only speak for my neighborhood, they did an excellent job under extraordinary adverse conditions.

I wonder how the new "rule".. passed a couple of weeks ago by the BOA, worked out? That being the 6-hour mandated rest period for the workers. I'm understanding that 6 hours is on the clock; every worker being paid for that mandated rest period.

I have no problem with that mandated rest period in the interest of safety for property and/or persons for all concerned.

In have heard on the news where some plow drivers (not Somerville) have been plowing for as many as 36 hours non-stop! Not good, IMO!

Anonymous said...

36 hours straight is dangerous and unhealthy for the driver. I hope the DPW got their rest time.

Spencer said...

Woohoo! I'm famous! Just wanted to mention that Raul at K2 was very open to any/all suggestions on what to stock. So if you don't see something, say something!