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Thursday, March 21, 2013

GLX Project Update: Geotechnical Investigation Work

Starting tomorrow, March 21, 2013, contractors for the GLX Project will begin performing geotechnical investigation work to support the continued design of the project.

The four month program will be in the following areas on MBTA property:
*The right-of-way between Edwin H. Land Boulevard and the North side of 22 Water Street in Cambridge including the property associated with the MBTA facility at 21 Water Street.
*The MBTA right-of-way around 3rd Avenue and Inner Belt Road in Somerville.
*Along the right-of-way from the Red Bridge area to the Washington Street area.
*Along the Fitchburg Commuter Rail right-of-way to the proposed Union Square Station.

People who live and work along these areas may see these geotechnical professionals and others, who are authorized to work within and around the MBTA right-of-way.

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