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Monday, March 18, 2013

Hang With Your Dog at the Park…For a Fee?

Ace Thunder Buddy.
Photo by Lee Anderson

Alderman at Large, and proud dog owner, Dennis Sullivan submitted a board order asking that the Administration consider a program to allow dog owners and dogs to enjoy off-leash play and exercise time in certain city parks at designated times. The program would charge a fee and have specific hours when dog owners could use parks. Currently, there are two dog parks in Somerville (East Somerville and Union Square), but none in the western part of the city.

Brookline's Green Dog is a similar program, charging residents $50 for park use and non-residents $100. All dogs have be registered for the program, including, ones walked by a professional dog walker.

Sullivan's order was met with some concern from fellow Board members who noted growing concern from constituents that parks near their home would be opened up to K-9s.

How do you feel about this program? Would you pay money to use a city park for your pooch? Comment your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good but enforcement and time coordination will be key in this being successful.

Jeff said...

...will be tough in the summer with all the games going on. maybe down the little kids park by trum?

Anonymous said...

$50?!?! $100?!! I hope those arent the prices somerville will charge. No 1 will sign up!!