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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Maxwells Green Developers Bid on Powder House Community School Location

Courtesy of MaxWellsGreen.Com

Gate Residential and KSS Realty Partners, the two firms responsible for the Maxwells Green project on Clyde Street in Ward 5, is one of 6 bidders looking at the Powder House Community School location. They have also bid on the Davis Square Hotel project, as well.

Along with big names such as Tufts University, Gate Residential and KSS Realty submitted their proposal in February after the City declared the 1.85acre parcel surplus and sought submissions in late 2012. The school has been closed since 2004 and has been a big neighborhood focus in Ward 7.

The City is moving forward with establishing a review committee within the next couple of weeks to review the 6 proposals submitted by Gate Residential/KSS Realty Partners, Tufts University, Davis Square Architects, Diamond Sinacori Real Estate Development, Peter Lee, and Mammoth Acquisition Company, LLC.

An approval timeline of Summer 2013 has been set.


Anonymous said...

The last time the city sold a school, it was the Western Jr High. Sold it to Tufts (who pays no taxes) and now we pay rent to Tufts to keep some city offices there.

Huge mistake - do NOT sell to an organization that will pay no property taxes!

Anonymous said...

Hoping that the maxwells guys get both. They did alright with union and local hiring--could've done better--but I'd rather them get it than a place that has done nothing in the city and especially Tufts.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the commentor above...please don't consider Tufts. The city is in dire need of new revenue streams. Property taxes and other residential-based costs are a way to increase revenue.

Anonymous said...

I would not mind if they build some residential - however I don't want the big buildings that are currently being built. They ought to keep with the scale of the street, which is single, 2- and 3-family houses. Take the big lot and make a number of smaller homes, not one big square.

Anonymous said...

wonder if zoning ordinance would force them to keep with the height of other structures?

Anonymous said...

Courtney-thanks for staying on this!

I too would like to see the maxwells guys get the approval on both. They have done other work in Somerville and know the process.

Richard's Blog said...

Tufts is committed to paying full taxes and fees on this property. That has been their policy for off campus development for recent projects. The city would get full taxes if sold to Tufts, unlike the Western Jr. High. They have done a tasteful job in the recent renovation of old school.

Ward Five said...

That's good to hear, Richard.

I don't know how I feel about it being a bunch of small homes. Should we make two acceptable sized residential complexes we would get an increase in the affordable housing stock and have more residents near Davis and Teele Square to frequent businesses.

If you're a resident, PLEASE GET INVOLVED in this project's negotiations!

~Courtney O'Keefe

Richard's Blog said...

Hi Courtney,

I am a very active resident in Ward 7 and have been working with residents and the City on this project for over 2 years. I will continue to do so!