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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Maxwells Green Developers Propose Boutique Hotel

Old MaxPac Site
One of now four bidders on a hotel project in Davis Square is a very familiar name in Ward 5. Gate Residential and KSS Realty, the developers behind Maxwells Green, are proposing a 126-room hotel with 110 parking spots and are offering $2M for the purchase according to a recent Somerville Patch article and published details on the project's website.
The 7-year process that brought the Maxwells Green development to Clyde Street seems to have had no negative impact on the group as they have also submitted a bid for the Powderhouse School location in Ward 7.
One of the questions for some Davis Square residents is where their Farmer's Market would go once the parcel was sold. Davis Square Partners, the joint name of Gate Residential and KSS Realty, offered space at Maxwells Green or to move the even to the Grove Street parking lot.

Proposals range from 80-126 rooms with offerings going from $1,000,000-$2,250,000. The Patch article highlights details from each proposal.
Their proposal also includes 5,475 square feet of ground-level restaurant space. A late Spring, early Summer decision is expected from the newly formed Davis Square Technical Advisory Committee:
Non-Voting Committee Member:
Angela Allen (Purchasing)

Voting Members on the Committee:
City Chair:
1. Steven Azar (OSPCD)

Board of Aldermen Representatives:
2. Jack Connolly
3. Rebekah Gerwirtz

Community Constituents:
4. Alan Bingham
5. Rebecca Chase
6. Rob Gregory
7. Hope Klebenov
8. Sandra McGoldrick
9. Leo Quigley
10. Thalia Tringo


Ward Five said...

Hi everyone,

I linked to the City's page dedicated to the Powderhouse Community School redevelopment in the article post-publishing time.

~Courtney O'Keefe

Jeff said...

Thanks: Court

It would be nice to get the maxwells guys there...they know the deal.