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Monday, March 4, 2013

Pictorial: Niedergang Holds Kick-Off at Armory

Surrounded by a who's who of Progressive Democrats and city activists, Mark Niedergang officially kicked off his campaign for Ward 5 Alderman yesterday afternoon on the mezzanine of the Armory.




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Ward Five said...

Unfortunately, adding captions would screw up the picture format and not allow them to be side by side. So, here is a list of who's who.

From the top...
Mark Niedergang sign
Courtney Koslow/Mark Niedergang with a supporter
Maura Vogel, Courtney Koslow and Candidate for Ward 1 Alderman Matt McLaughlin
Mark Niedergang with a supporter/Host of the event
Representative Carl Sciortino (also a candidate for Congress)/Performer
Mark Niedergang addressing the crowd